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Mega View M60 plug-in information monitor

Listing Date: 2014-12-04


Fully modular desigh supports real plug and play,enabling convenient use,upgrade and maintenance;

Ergonomic and comfort desigh, multi-input methord,provide a friendly and easy operation experience.

Support EEG monitoring;

Embedded monitoring modules:ECG,HR,NIBP,SPO2,TEMP,RESP,PR;

Optional modules such as emergency mobile server,EEG module,invasive blood pressure(IBP)module,end tidal carbon dioxid(ETCO2),anesthesia depth(AD)module,anesthetic gases(AG)module,ImpedanceCardiography(ICG)module and other necessary mudule fit different clinical application;

Informationized, smart OS and analysis software provide an accurate digital support for clinical diagnosis

International standard interface,applicable to central monitoring and telemetry monitoring system;

Portable emergency mobile system,applicable to emergency,patlent transportation and other monitor workgroup

Perfect external interface:USB interface,DVI interface,VGA interface,The network interface,Extension box interface,Memory card interface.


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